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"I hear,
and I forget.
I see,
and I remember.
I do,
and I understand."

--Chinese Proverb
  Celebration Education's Philosophy  
We are living in an exciting time, when scientists are finally able to do some real research into our most mysterious organ, the brain.

Today's mainstream schools are the result of many years of long-held beliefs as to how to best educate a child. Now we know that many of these practices actually work against natural brain patterns. These practices include:
XGrade levels
XSubject segmentation
XTeaching to the test
XStandardized tests
XExcessive punishments and/or rewards

While all of these practices have their place in traditional schools, true education will require none of these.

Rather, the best education is one with elements such as:
A physically and mentally safe environment
Small groups
Meaningful content
Student-Initiated learning
Parental involvement
Lots of resources
Real-life experiences
Catering to Multiple Intelligences
Time to explore

The result is magic. This is a brain-firing environment with learning adventures that foster the spirit of inquiry, magnify conceptual ability, and develop higher-level thinking. Children's individual gifts are magnified as they develop their un-mined skills and plant a seedbed for lifelong learning.

Perhaps the best part is that it is fun and children find that they love to learn! Imagine your child looking forward to their schoolwork!

Interestingly, as it turns out, the way many geniuses gained their education was not through traditional school. I'm sure you've heard it said how surprising it is that individuals such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, and others did so well in life despite their lack of formal schooling. What modern brain research is teaching us is that these men probably did so well because of their lack of formal schooling.

Unfortunately, schools are usually so stifled by tradition and bureaucracies that it would take ten to twenty years until much of what we now know about learning will be applied in the classrooms.

Fortunately, now there is an option for children who are ready to learn today. It is called Celebration Education!

Meanwhile, we will seek to make all schools a better place by implementing the best possible learning experiences and setting an example for others to follow. To read more of Celebration Education's philosophy, go to our forum.
To see the resources that Celebration Education uses for inspiration, go to: Inspiration

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