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"The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things."

  Celebration Education Facilities  
Comfortable, Inviting, Inspiring!

Celebration is dedicated to holding activities at facilities that are physically and mentally safe and contribute to their positive emotions.

Presenlty, having our own facility is a vision for the future.

A Celebration Education facility would not look like an institution. It would be warm, open and airy, giving the feeling that anything is possible. A large, beautiful, home-looking building would be appropriate.

A model such as the house pictured on the right would be ideal, but it would need to have the windows enlarged to allow more natural lighting. The interior, exterior, and yard areas must be beautiful and meticulously groomed, yet not stuffy. The children must feel that they are welcome in all areas of the facility.

Some ideal features of the Celebration Education facility:

  • Large assembly room (multi-purpose)
  • library/computer/quiet study room
  • Music/media/exercise room
  • Several small classrooms
  • Kitchen/break room for lunch times
  • Outdoor play area with a field, shade trees, picnic benches, flower and vegetable gardens

In addition to housing a Celebration Education school, the facility could be even more profitable if it is made available for uses such as:

  • School store
  • After school care
  • Tutoring
  • Community enrichment classes
  • Summer day camps
  • Homeschool resource center
  • Positive Peer Groups for teenagers
  • Pre-readers' program
  • Hall rental

Investors Wanted!
Until Celebration Educaiton facilities are yet to be realized, Celebration Education will function in rented facilities. The sooner we can move into our own facilities the sooner we will be able to better serve the communities. Because property is such a high-profit endeavor, Celebration Education has decided to pursue investors rather than philanthopists for the facilities.

Questions? Please Contact us!

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